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      Founded in 1991, the enterprise specializes in development, production and delivery of appliances and systems of radiation control. The appliances are approved by the State testing and are registered as the equipment of measuring technology, admitted for employment in Ukraine. The systems of radiation and ecological control have passed the State metrological certification.
    The production area of the enterprise "OPYT" is provided with technological and testing equipment for fulfilling all the stages of the development, production and test of the new equipment of radiation control. The enterprise "OPYT" conducts the complete complex of the climatic tests of all equipment and produces stable and reliable instruments. Stationary equipment is installed by the specialists of "OPYT". All the production is delivered with the guarantee obligations and is successfully used in 20 cities of Ukraine.

Implementation of new technologies of radiation control and new technical means developed in Ukraine to eliminate the risks of proliferation of nuclear and radioactive materials

Sphere of application.
Tasks of radiation control.

Systems and instruments.
Novelty of radiation control technology

Export - import control.
Security points of nuclear fuel cycle objects and radiation dangerous objects

System of radiation control "INTER-1M". Measurement of neutrons density in current by gamma-spectrometry. More detailed info - INTER-1M

To provide the security during crowded meetings. To equip security systems of important objects.

System of remote radiation control "PULSE".
Bluetooth data transmitting from mobile and stationary detectors. More detailed info - PULSE

Customs, Frontier post. To equip the national security bodies, ecological and nuclear inspections. Hidden control

Dosimeter of gamma ionization with microprocessor "RHYTHM-7"
Identification of measurement results by using Bluetooth - watch. High sensitivity of detector as to the small size and weight. More detailed info - RHYTHM-7

Export - import control.
To equip the ecological and nuclear inspections. Localization and ionization sources identification.

Portable spectrometer - dosimeter of gamma ionization "RHYTM-S" - 2 in 1 - searching dosimeter and spectrometer. Remote gamma - spectrometry. More detailed info - RHYTM-S

Mapping of radioactively contaminated territories. Gamma - survey by foot and by auto.

System of radiation mapping "RADKAR". High speed obtaining radiological information and automatic binding it to the GPS - coordinates. More detailed info -RADKAR

To convoy the cargoes while transporting radioactively dangerous materials.

System of satellite monitoring
"RAD-GPS" Implementation of the latest knowledge in telemetric, satellite monitoring and telecommunications for non stop radiation control for dangerous cargoes. More detailed info - RADGPS

Not institutional, general (public) control to monitor he radiological situation via INTERNET

System of radiation monitoring "RADMON-1"
Using INTERNET technologies to have information about radiological situation on the basis of low cost, simple in use detectors with auto data transmitting to the server. More detailed info - RADMON

Mobile means of the radiation accidents liquidation.
Remote controls of nuclear weapons.
Detection of contraband and sabotage of ionizing sources.

The gamma-ray vision, "MULTIPLEX".
Remote visualization, measurement of dose rate and gamma-ray spectra of lost, disguised ionizing sources, nuclear materials and charges. More detailed info - MULTIPLEX

Measurement of activity of radionuclide in building materials, mineral raw, production wastes, foodstuffs and in other substances

Gamma-ray spectrometer "ATOLL-1M" can be used both in laboratory conditions ( with low background protection) and in field conditions .
Gamma-spectrometry in geometry Marinelly vessel and in geometry "2π" ( without taking samples)
Detailed info: ATOLL

Dosimetry, spectrometry, monitoring, detection

Multifunctional gamma-ray radiometer-spectrometer "STYLE" - portable instrument with accumulator feeding and Bluetooth radio channel.
Detailed info: STYLE

Elimination of radiation accidents;
Control of goods and vehicles at the state frontier;
Radiation control of construction objects, metal scrap lots and other products.

Gamma-radiation survey dosimeter "RITM-1M".
High sensitivity and possibility of measuring small values of power of equivalent dose - "RITM-1M" - is the second to none instrument in Ukraine certified in range from 0,01 µSv/h ( 1 µR/h).
Detailed info: RHYTHM-1M

Search and measurement MED in range from 0,01 up to 19,99 µSv/h

Survey dosimeter "RITM-5" - budget portable instrument. Automatic adjustment and threshold setting simplify operation.
Detailed info: RHYTHM-5

Express measurements of equivalent equilibrium volume activity (EEVA) of radon in air of dwelling and working rooms.

High sensitivity of the instrument enables to reduce measurement time.
Detailed info: ATLESH-1M

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