Radiometer of radon daughters "ATLESH-1M"
   Radiometer "ATLESH-1M" is designed for express measurements of equivalent equilibrium volumetric activity (EEVA) of radon in air of dwelling and working premises.

   Radiometer can be used for:
    - Integrated sanitary-hygienic survey of dwelling and non-dwelling premises of radon hospitals and underground structures ( storage facilities, tunnels).
    - Radiation control of construction objects

   Radiometer "ATLESH-1M" applies express method of measurement of equivalent equilibrium volumetric activity of radon by means of pumping high volume of air through analytical filter. Such method increases sensitivity of instrument, shortens measurement time and ensures reliability of obtained results.

Specifications :

Measurement range of  EEVA of adon in air

From 10 up to 9999 Bq/m3

The limit of permissible major relative error


Power supply is performed from the main of alternative current with voltage from187 up to 242 V and frequency 50 ± 1 Hz or from the built-in rechargeable battery

Overall dimensions, mm

Not more than 380x200x170

Mass, kg

Not more than 8

Air volume pumped through filter

200...250 litres

Time of air pumping and measurement of equivalent equilibrium volumetric activity

8 minutes

Radiometer saves its characteristics in range of ambient temperature

From 0 up to 40 °C

   New radiometer "ATLESH-1M" is designed on the basis of current achievements of microchip technology. All operations are automated and very convenient. In process of measurements the operator receives prompts, as well as quick and easy-to- understand result, for example: EEVA = 45 Bq/m3 ±10%.
   Microprogram of instrument performs the following functions: background measurement, electromagnet fixation of cassette till measurements are over, measurement of consumption of pumped air, calculation of result and statistical error, displaying data and prompts.

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