• registration of gamma-ray spectra and identification of radionuclides;
• measuring radionuclide activity in building materials, mineral raw materials, waste products, food stuff and other materials in the Marinelli geometry (without transferring to a laboratory);
• quick measuring of radionuclide activity in the "2π" geometry (without sampling); • remote measuring.
As a dosimeter, the device is designed for:
• detection of gamma-ray sources and radiation-contaminated materials;
• monitoring of transport vehicles crossing national borders;
• monitoring of radioactive contamination in scrap metal;
• measuring gamma-exposure rate in the field and in production environment.

Delivery set:
gamma survey meter "Rhythm-1M"; spectrometric transducer; Bluetooth data transmitting module; notebook (or netbook); Bluetooth USB module; specialised software; power-supply and battery-charge units; miniature headphone; instruction manual. Each component of the gamma-ray spectrometer/dosimeter "RHYTHM-S" has independent power supply.

Technical specifications:
• Relative energy resolution for 0.662 MeV 137Cs gamma-ray line, max. - 9%.
• Working range of gamma-ray energies: 0.05 - 3 MeV.
• Working range of equivalent gamma-ray dose rate: 0.01 - 19990 µSv/h.
• Limits of basic relative error: ± 15%.
• Energy dependence: ± 20%.
• Sensitivity: 800 s-1/µSv/h (for 137Cs).
• Adjustable measuring time: 0.5, 1, 2, 10, 50 sec.
• Detector material: NaI(Tl) Ø40x40.
• Hermetic design of the detector block.
• Sound alerts with changing modulation.
• The dosimeter is vibration and shock resistant. Max. peak acceleration: 150 m/s2.
• " Operating temperature range: -30...+50°C.

 Dosimeter "Rhythm-1M" DBG-02 has passed the Government Acceptance Test.
 Portable gamma-ray spectrometer / dosimeter "RHYTHM-S" is meteorologically certified.

The spectrometer «Rhythm-S» is equipped with a Bluetooth module for transmitting data over a distance of up to 100m, i.e. the computer is connected with the point of measuring wirelessly, which allows to be located at a greater distance from dangerous sources of radiation thus reducing the dose received.

Within a single box, you will get a spectrometer, a survey meter and a remote radiation monitoring system.

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