Remote radiation monitoring system "PULSE"

   The PULSE System is designed to collect real-time information about the radiation environment from arbitrary monitoring points or from mobile objects over encoded channel.

    •  Hidden radiation monitoring.
    •  Equipping of temporary State border crossing of Ukraine and in zone of military operations.
    •  Providing physical protection of nuclear objects.
    •  Providing security during entertainment events.

    The system includes:
    •  Transmitters "Pulse-1" (1 - 7 items) continuously transmitting data over a Bluetooth channel.
    •  A computer (laptop or net book) receiving the data via the Bluetooth channel from all monitoring points within 1800 metres.
    •  Software for continuous monitoring of all the transmitters, detection of disturbances and generation of sound alerts.

     Each component of the system has independent power supply, which allows a rapid deployment of a monitoring network.

   The computer collects data from each transmitter separately and plots background and disturbance graphs for each. Additionally, all transmitters are monitored for the temperature, battery voltage, radio reception quality, acceleration. Security mode can be enabled if necessary, in which case any attempt to carry away the transmitter will trigger off the alarm.
   All the collected data are archived. Additionally, if a surveillance cam is connected to the system, any motion detected in the monitored area will be automatically recorded and added to the archive with time stamps, which will simplify subsequent investigation and amplify evidence, allowing to identify the object that caused the disturbance.

   In case of monitoring motor vehicle or pedestrians the “PULSE-1” transmitters are located in the light-weight post at both sides of the road. There is no need in wires. Here realized “Security” mode, in which any attempt to carry transmitter away will cause alarm signal. Time, necessary for mounting installation of “PULSE” system for such kind of application will take not more than 5 minutes.


    • Gamma sensitivity, MeV: 0.05 ... 3.0;
    • Sensitivity: 800 cps/µSv·h-1 (Cs137);
    • Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) Range, µSv·h-1, - 10-2...103;
    • Material of detector - scintillator
    • Operating temperature range °C, – -30...+50;
    • Time to Alarm: 1 - 3 s
    • Continuous working time from the built-in rechargeable batteries: 50 h
    • Low battery automatic cut-off;
    • Consumption power: from batteries – 0,2 W; from main – 5 W;
    • Overall dimensions: 163x56x44 mm
    • Weight: 500 g.

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