The test results of the new satellite monitoring system for safety during transport radiation hazardous and nuclear materials «RAD-GPS»

    In accordance with the "Guidelines for nuclear security related to the physical protection of nuclear materials and nuclear facilities" (INFCIRC / 225 / REVISION 5 Series IAEA nuclear security, No13):
"Transport Control Center must be fitted with equipment that provides continuous monitoring of the location of the vehicle and the state of his physical safety, as well as communication with the vehicle ..."

    The technology of satellite monitoring of transport is widely used throughout the world, in particular, to control traffic. In some countries, mandatory GPS Tracking Transport of Dangerous Goods enshrined in law.

    The development of transport telemetric technology allows, in addition to traditional data on the rate and location, transmit a lot of useful information about the status of all systems of the vehicle (acceleration, position in space, fuel level, engine temperature, etc.). Integration of radiation monitoring systems of production in modern telemetric systems for the continuous monitoring of ionizing radiation at the control points on board the vehicle. All the resulting information is sent to the server of the central control and monitoring systems in online, stored in the archive, and serves as the basis for an immediate response or further analysis. Software of telemetric system generates reports on transportation in both numerical and graphical form.

    The prototype system "RAD-GPS" consists of a detector of gamma and beta radiation, the primary circuit conversion, high-voltage power supply, telemetric GPS-controller, GSM-antenna and external GPS-antenna. The measurement data from the detecting unit to the input GPS-controller and processed together with other telemetry data and the navigation server is transmitted to the monitoring system via GPRS.

    Below is a fragment of a map with the results of the first tests of the system "RAD-GPS".

    To test the scenario of lost ionizing source was done on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine.
Detection of gamma and beta radiation was placed on board the vehicle at a certain distance from the reference source Ra-226, whereby the count rate of 30 pcs/sec. With a slight shift of the reference source with respect to the detector, the counting rate changes (increased to 40 pcs/sec). The fact that changes the count rate of the detector is automatically processed by the system and the center of the transport control notification. At the time 9:10:51 source "was lost" (distant from the detector). Place on the map where it happened, marked and at this point the track changes color (from red to blue). Notification in the form of SMS messages, emails, and other alarms in the center of the transport control and can come in a number of other events: deviation from the route, emergency stop, fault, alarm buttons and others. In addition, the system allows you to maintain voice and video surveillance.

    Data from the telemetric controller can come in encrypted form. The communication channels can be used by GSM, GPRS, 3G, or special satellite channels. Access to data from the Center of vehicle control closes with a password.

    The test results of the new system of satellite monitoring of transport of radiation hazardous and nuclear materials "RAD-GPS" confirmed the high efficiency of modern technology and software to create new means of radiation control.

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