Multifunctional gamma-radiation radiometer-spectrometer "STYLE"
   This instrument performs the following functions of radiation control : Monitoring, detection, Dosimetry, Spectrometry.
   Radiometer-spectrometer “STYLE “ is a portable instrument with battery power and radochannel Bluetooth for transmitting data to a pocket computer or notebook. Spectrometric data are transmitted into computer each second together with information about temperature and battery voltage. The hardware performs tasks of MED, spectroscopy and identification about source of ionizing radiation. In addition there are carried out tasks of monitoring, revealing of radiation anomalies, signaling and automatic saving of all received data.
   Wide set of function opens new possibilities of instrument application.
   In case of detection source of ionizing radiation or radiationally contaminated materials, there are essentially reduced time expenditure for identification, as well as increased safety of personnel , because now measurement of the gamma-radiation spectrum can be carried out remotely. This feature of instrument "STYLE" is especially important during radiation control of dangerous objects.
   In case of measuring radionuclides activities in construction materials, mineral raw, production wastes, metal scrap and other materials there is no need of sampling and their transportation to laboratory - Radiometer-spectrometer "STYLE" will perform all kinds of measurement on-site and will save obtained results.


Range of measured of gamma-quantum energy

0.05 ... 3.0 MeV

Number of channels of the amplitude analyser


Number of saved spectrum

Without limitation

Energy resolution on γ-line  line Cs137 (662 keV)

Not less than 8,5 %

Maximum input statistical charge

Not less than 104 c-1

Integral nonlinearity of conversion response, %

Not more than ±1

Differential nonlinearity, %

Not more than ±1

Range of power measurement of equivalent dose, µSv/h 


Limit of major error of power measurements of equivalent dose, %

± 15


200 c-1/µSv/h (Cs137)

Detector material

NaI (TI) Ø18x40

Operating temperature range , °C

- 20...+ 50

Class of Bluetooth receiver/transmitter

Class 1 ( operating range 100 m)

Enclosure rating of radiometer-spectrometer


Running time from batteries

6 hours

Consumption power, W, not more

From built-in batteries-0,6,
from main - 5




Not more than 376

   Operability of new multi-functional instrument, explicit user-friendly interface of the software meet requirements of the most sophisticated clients.
   Reliability, promptness and plausibility are major advantages of Your professional "STYLE".

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