RadScout mk.3

RadScout mk.3. Overwater robot for radiation survey and mapping.

    RadScout Mk.3 is ready to use a robotic system that can generate contamination maps and conducting underwater spectrometry.
    System was tested on the water areas of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, proving the possibility of it’s practical use.

System design

System consist out of a water platform and user terminal. User terminal provides an ability to control robot’s movement, view and record video from the underwater and overwater cameras. Onboard the self-propelled platform we have installed  GPS system, telemetry transmitters and remote control system. Robot also have a submersible detector, mounted on a hoist, that can be lowered down to the bottom of the water area in order to provide spectrometry data of radioactive bottom sediments. Robot transmits telemetry data and radiation measurement results over radio channel to user’s PC, where software creates map of radioactive pollution in real time.
During test on polluted lakes we have discovered radioactive stains of bottom sediments near inhabited village.
System has proven to be useful as a new tool of ecological control, providing useful data for later studies and liquidation actions.

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