Gamma-ray spectrometer "ATOLL-1M"

• registration of gamma-ray spectra and identification of radionuclides;
• measuring radionuclide activity in building materials, mineral raw materials, waste products, food stuff and other materials in the Vessel Marinelli geometry.

    The gamma-ray spectrometer "ATOLL-1M" can operate both in laboratory conditions (with low- background protection) and in field conditions. The instrument has an effective system of thermal compensation.

    Delivery set:
The gamma-ray spectrometer "ATOLL-1M", notebook; specialized software; USB-cable; set of operational documentation, certificate about metrological documentation.


Range of registered of gamma-quantum energy

from 0.05 to 3.0 MeV

Relative energy resolution of Gamma-ray  line Cs137

Not more than 7,5 %

Integral nonlinearity, %

Not more than ±1

Maximum permissible major relative measurement error of samples activity in 1 litre Marinelli vessel at 1 hour exposure time , %

Not more than ±30

Minimum detectable activity of Cs137 at 1 hour exposure time, Bq/kg

Not more than 2 ( in 10-fold shielded chamber )

Detector material

Nal(TI) diam.63x63

Version of detector unit


Maximum statistical charge , c-1

Not less than 104

Number of channels of the amplitude analyser


Channel capacity


Reducing integral background count of detector block in the low background protection

10 times

The gamma-ray spectrometer "ATOLL-1M" is powered from computer by means of USB cable, consumption current

Not more than 100 mA

Mode of operation


Average lifetime of spectrometer

6 years

Operation conditions:


    ambient temperature

From minus 20°C up to 35°C

    relative humidity

Up to 95 %

Warranty period

18 months

   New algorithm of thermal compensation realized in spectrometer enable to carry out measurements in conditions of changeable temperature without calibration.

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