System of radiation control "Inter".
Fully automated intellectual system "Inter" is used for uninterrupted control of radiation situation at the crossing points of all means of transport and pedestrians. The system reacts to the anomalies of gamma-, beta- and neuron radiation.
The figure of the recorded departure is spelled by the voice of the loudspeaker and is marked on the liquid-crystal display.
If to connect to the monitor, we have the ability to observe the graph of changes in the radiation situation on the real scale of time and in the archives, and also to conduct the identification of radionuclids according to the spectrum of gamma-radiation
The main advantage of the system "Inter" is the use of effective algorithms for fulfilling the following functions
• automatic adaptation to the natural changes of radiation background;
• simultaneous revealing slow and quick anomalies;
• separate registration of the radiation of different origin;
• revealing disguised sources of radiation according to the departure of the spectrum of gamma-radiation, even with the reduction of the level of the background in the area of control.
The main technical characteristics:
• The range of registered energy- 0.05…15 MeV.
• The time of reaction to the anomaly- 3 sec.
• Cut-off capacity of the equivalent doze of gamma-radiation in the point of installing the detector - 0.005 mkSv/h.
• ÒThe temperature of environment for blocks of detecting -30 to +500Ñ with the relative humidity of 98…100% with the condensation of moisture.

Distributed network of radiation control posts and radiation and ecological monitoring "REGION".
The system «REGION» consists of a number of distributed posts for collecting the radiation information and a central post which gets the information from them. The distributed posts send the information on the telephone lines and with the help of GSM-canal (mobile connection).

The quantity of posts is not limited. - they can be installed in every place where there are electricity and telephone or mobile communication. There can exist more than one central post, it can be stationary or mobile.The network of the posts "REGION" functions absolutely automatically. Remote posts measure the capacity of doze and spectrum of gamma-radiation, solidity of flux of beta-radiation, react to the neuron radiation day and night. All the received information is savedin the energy independent memory of the remote post. The central post periodically sends an inquiry from the remote posts, collects the accumulated information and saves it in the archive. When the radiation anomaly which exceeds the level of reaction of the remote post appears, it immediately switch on the signal system and sends a message to the central post. Besides, when the radiation danger is high the remote post calls up the responsible for the situation people and with the help of a synthesized voice reports the level of capacity of gamma-radiation and the time when the anomaly appeared.
On the base of the received spectrum of gamma-radiation from the remote post, the operator of the central post has the ability to identify the appeared radionuclids and make a conclusion about their origin (natural or technogenic).
In 2003 the posts of radiation control "REGION" passed the State metrological certification.

Gamma imaging system "Multiplex"
The gamma imaging system "Multiplex" we present is absolutely new technology of remote radiation control. The novelty of the method is based on the construction of the image of the real objects which produce gamma-rays. The images made in gamma-rays are combined with a simple television image. The further processing of the separate fragments of the image gives the opportunity of the remote measuring of the spectra of radiation and the activity of the sources of gamma-radiation which are situated in the sight of the system of gamma imaging. What is more all these possibilities are realized if the source of the radiation is situated behind the massive obstacle (protection) or underground.

Application: • monitoring of vast territories of radiation dangerous objects - discharge of the sources of radiation, remote measuring of its spectra and radiation characteristics, signalling of the wastes and dislocation of the sources of ionization radiation.
• introscopic control of the state of storages of radioactive wastes, containers of the sources of ionization radiation;
• revealing and remote identification of the sources of gamma-radiation during the emergency;
• revealing the lost, disguised, latent sources including the sources placed behind a massive obstacle, underground or inside of containers;

The unique abilities of the system have been corroborated and tested repeatedly in the laboratories and natural conditions. Small mobile system of gamma-vision "Multiplex" has passed the production tests on the enterprises dealing with radioactive wastes, tests on location in 10 km from the area of Chernobyl and expert valuation in Great Britain.

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