Searching dosimeter of gamma-radiation "Ritm-1M" DBG-02.
The modification of the dosimeter "Ritm-1M" DBG - 02 was created in 2000 on the base of experience of exploitation and improvement the first models. In 2001 the dosimeter successfully passed the State receiving tests and was registered as the means of measuring equipment, admitted to the employment in Ukraine, under ¹ U 1546-01.

The new appliance has a series of advantages:

• combination of searching and dosimetric functions in one apparatus;
• high sensitivity, "Ritm-1M" - the first apparatus in Ukraine, certified in the range from 0,01 mkSv/h (1mkR/h);
• possibility of quick measuring and quick search - time of establishing the reading and reaction on the anomaly - from 0,5 sec;
• possibility of precise measuring and revealing small anomalies with the constant of time of the filter 50 sec;
• sound signal system with the pitch of tone depending on the capacity of radiation - in all the ranges of the apparatus's work;
• usage of miniature head telephone in the conditions of noise;
• high contrast and big size of the indicator with the light (height of figures - 12,7 mm);
• accumulator supplying with a quick charging equipment;
• moderate weight and size;
• moderate prize.

Dosimeter can be used:

• during liquidation of radiation accidents;
• during the control of cargoes and means of transport on the state boarder;
• during the radiation control of building objects, consignments of scrap metal and other production;
• for conducting the uninterrupted control of radiation situation on the inspection crossing points and in the systems of radiation safety of highly important objects;
• for walking and automobile gamma-survey during the geologic map-making;
• for dosimetric monitoring of environment;
• in the departments of radiation control, in scientific, industrial and other organizations and institutions;
• on the enterprises which sphere of activity concerns handling with radioactive wastes and nuclear energetics;
• for radiation control during the fulfillment of activity in the sphere of usage of nuclear energy.

The exploiting experience of these appliances shows high effectiveness of the searching regime, high speed and precision of the regime of the dosimeter. With the help of "Ritm-1" radioactive spots, lost sources of ionic radiation, banknotes marked with radionuclids and other radiation dangerous materials were revealed.

The set of delivery of the apparatus includes:

•  measuring block with the digital indication and light,
•  detecting block with the protecting cover,
•  handle of the detector,
•  head telephone,
•  Ni-MH accumulators,
•  supplying block and charging for accumulators,
•  bag for the measuring block,
•  containers,
•  set of operating documentation.

Brief technical characteristics of the apparatus

•  The range of measuring capacity of equivalent doze of gamma-radiation from 0,01 to 19990 mkSv/h.
•  Working range of energy of gamma-radiation 0,05...3 MeV.
•  The limits of the main admitted relative error ± 15 %.
•  Energy dependence ± 25 %.
•  The time of establishing the working regime - 1 min.
•  The time of establishing the readings of measuring is changeable : 0 ,5; 1; 2; 10 ; 50 sec.
•  Material of the detector – NaI Ø40 x 40, version block of the detector is hermetic.
•  The dosimeter is receptive to the neutron radiation.
•  Sound signaling is threshold, with the changeable frequency, regulated sound and with the digital indication of the threshold tuning.
•  The time of uninterrupted work of the accumulator - 14+14 hours. Automatic cut off of the supplying during the charging is foreseen.
•  The dosimeter is not sensitive to the vibrations and blows with the peak acceleration -150m/sec2 .
•  The working temperature range: -20...+50oÑ.
•  The mass of the working set – 1,75 kg.
•  The size of the measuring block - 160õ60õ160, detector block - Ø55õ240.
•  The usage of the new apparatus during the control of the radiation cleanness of the cargoes makes it possible to raise productivity due to the high sensitivity and high speed of measurements - you can conduct effective control on the move, with the time of measurement 0,5 sec. For revealing the radiation pollution. You can determine radiation cleanness of food and building materials within 50 sec.
•  In the new apparatus convenient and effective searching regime with the sound accompaniment is realized. The pitch of the sound raises with the increase of MED and one conduct the search without looking at the indicator and without loosing local orientation. If it is noisy one can use the miniature head telephone that it is possible to put on under a hat (if it is cold or for hidden observation).
•  Two accumulators in the set and a quick charging (2 hours) make it possible to work with the apparatus uninterruptedly.
•  We constantly improve the quality, effectiveness and safety of our production, reduce energy consumption.

Perfect characteristics, small size, convenience of exploitation

of the new appliance "RITM-1M" turned to be very attractive

for specialists and gained a high opinion of the professionals.

Searching dosimeter of gamma-radiation "Ritm-5".
We present a new dosimeter from a series of the appliances "Ritm". The new dosimeter is four times less in its weight than "Ritm-1", its dimensions are also diminished, the exploitation is simplified.

How is the simplicity of usage achieved? All you have to do to start working with this appliance is to press the power button - "ON". After that within 15 seconds the adaptation to the background and automatic installation of the operating threshold are working. During the adaptation yellow light diode on the surface of the equipment is shining (it is well seen in the pocket of the jacket). When the process is finished the yellow light diode is faded, quick adaptation is over but a slow adaptation to the background and threshold adaptation are working constantly. The operating threshold is usually installed on the level of 30…40% from the background (i.e. exceeding the background for 3…5 mkR/h) from the background. For exploiting in the conditions of quickly changed background (e.g. on the move) fixed operating thresholds on the level of 20…50 ìêÐ/÷àñ is foreseen. The new "Ritm" can be put into a pocket of a suit or a small bag without any difficulties. The size of the tactile indicator is Ø10õ4 and it can be installed into the handle of a bag or placed behind the waist-band or under the watch. When the threshold is exceeded the sound signalling is switched on - a built-in loud speaker. The pitch of the sound raises when you come closer to the radiation source. You can turn on the tactile indicator (vibration) into the same socket, the sound does not work at this time. When ÌÝÄ increases, the bump frequency of the tactile indicator increases. All these make it possible to search without looking at the liquid-crystall display. The appliance is supplied by the built-in accumulators or the external supplying source (with the help of which it is charged). The rated time of uninterrupted work from the accumulator is 20 hours (in the waiting regime). The voltage control of the accumulators, discharge indicator and automatic turning off when the accumulator is discharged are also included. The illumination of the liquid-crystall display is foreseen.
Brief technical characteristics of the appliance
•  The working range of energy of gamma-radiation 0,05...3 MeV.
•  The limits of the main admitted relative error ± 15 %.
•  The time of installing the working regime - 15sec.
•  The time of reaction to the anomaly 1… 3 sec.
•  The detector material - NaI Ø18x40,
•  The appliance version is hermetic.
•  The appliance weight - 0,5 kg.
•  Overall appliance dimension - 85õ170õ36.

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