Gamma-vision system "Multiplex".
   Gamma-vision system "Multiplex" is the newest sample of the special class of the radiation control equipment. As against dosimeters, radiometers and spectrometers "Multiplex" enables to see a picture of a radiation conditions of territory imposed to its television image on the computer screen. Thus radiating objects - both dot and extended - are allocated, the surface output from of separate objects is estimated remotely, spectra of their radiation are registered. The opportunity of remote measurement of the radiating and spectral characteristics of any site of a radiating surface of controllable territory is unique property of gamma-vision system. Moreover, all these opportunities are realized even in the event that the sources of radiation are behind a massive protection. Absence of influence of scattered gamma-radiation on results of measurements of observed sources spectra are provided by coding of a useful signal with the subsequent decoding and noise damping. The last property is very useful in a complex radiation conditions.

   Areas of application:
  • monitoring of territory of dangerous radiation objects;
  • introscopic control of the state radioactive waste storehouses, containers of the ionizing radiation sources;
  • detection and remote identification of sources of gamma-radiation in emergencies;
  • detection lost, latent, disguised sources, including sources being for a massive barrier, under ground or in containers;

   The "Multiplex" is realized in small-sized portable performance. In a transport situation all system is placed in two cases: in one - register with the telechamber, in other - electronic block with the computer Notebook. In a working situation the register is established on tripod with the orienting device, and the operator works with the computer, by opening the cover of the second case.

   The main technical characteristics:
• Angular resolution - 2° and 4° (two variants).
• Field of view: in the first variant 26° x 34°, in the second variant 40° x 60°.
• Dimension of the gamma-field image from 20x20 up to 100x100.
• Energy range 0,1... 2 MeV.
• Sensitivity on gamma-radiation Cs137 0.8 cm-2s-1 at time of an exposition 1 min.
• Dimensions of the register - 500x220x170.
• Time of an exposition in a mode "Review" - 1 ... 5 s.
• Distance of observation and measurement - 1 ... 200 m.
• Weight of the register - 5 kg.
• Weight case with electronic blocks - 8 kg.
• The power supply of system in stationary conditions - from a net 220 V 50 Hz, in field conditions - from onboard net of the automobile 12V. Power - 60 W.

   The gamma-vision system "Multiplex" represents the device of the fifth generation of the equipment, developed and made by Scientific Production Small Joint Enterprise "Opyt ". At development the patents for the inventions "Gamma - telescope" and "Gamma - microscope", belonging to SPSJE "Opyt" were used. Within the framework of this work new algorithms of digital processing of the spectral and spatial information are realized.

   Results of tests:
   The picture of a radiation conditions together with a television picture is saved on magnetic carriers and can be subsequently documentary. New opportunities of gamma-vision have allowed to receive unique experimental data at remote researches of inaccessible radiation objects.
   This system has been tested at Chernobyl's 10 km area. Estimation of the system was conducted in Great Britain. At a technical account British experts described the system this way: "The device Multiplex, from OPYT, has many advantages. These are its small size and high degree of portability, its ability to form images of hotspots in near real time and its use as a spectrometer. The device has the unique ability to collect spectral data from a user-definable region within the field of view. It is unknown how this is achieved and probably reflects some of the most advanced work in the field of gamma imaging."

   Place of radioactive waste disposal - "Buriakovka" (Chernobyl NPP). Here is a machine that had been used in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident. It is considered that it is not subjected to deactivation, as far as were recorded in the vicinity high levels of radiation. The gamma-ray vision "Multiplex" has been installed at a distance of 9 meters from the abandoned technique. Within 5 minutes of measurements we found out that not all machine is contaminated, but only the spaces between the wheels, where radioactive soil gathered. On the combined photo and film distribution of gamma rays is indicated in the color scale. Furthermore, activity of the soil is measured remotely and is obtained its gamma radiation spectrum. Radionuclide was automatically identified. It was Cs-137.

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